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The deadline to collect signatures has passed. Two out-of-mainstream Hungarian parties reported some ten thousand signatures collected on paper which they have to destroy. We did not register data of the on line signatories either which amounted to about 3000, out of which about two-thirds were from Hungary. Therefore we thank you again to spread the word: mainstream political forces ignored our initiative. We have to thank all who supported us, first of all those who signed, even more those who shared the information with others, encouraging them to sign.

A special thanks goes also to the EU office of Transparency International, the Hungarian LMP and Jobbik parties, to the MEPs Costas Mavrides from the Socialists and Bart Staes from the Greens. Katalin Halmai from the Hungarian daily Népszava wrote the best article about us, some other papers also brought articles like Contacto in Luxembourg, Euronews, Élet és Irodalom, Azonnali, Fuhu and Portfolio in Hungary. All this was still not enough.

As our proposal was well received by almost everybody whom we and also Transparency International presented it, we carry on to promote it. Recent developments can also help us, among them the re-constitution of the Intergroup on Integrity, Transparency, Corruption and Organised Crime, the endeavour of Hungarian MEPs to have opposition municipalities get direct funding for their projects from the EU and also the regulation about linking EU funds to rule of law slowly taking shape.

We will co-operate with all forces who fight against corruption and abuse in EU funds and use this space to promote this fight and the possible solutions and give news both about blatant abuses and about initiatives and results in this fight. We ask you to notify us or send draft articles if you have anything to contribute.

Thanking you again for your past and future co-operation:

The organisers

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