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What is in Danger?

What is in danger if the EU will be weakened by the EU funded populist politicians?

  • Our everyday security
    Only a strong and united European defence policy can protect the citizens against threats internal and external - from terrorism and organized crime to migration crisis. European Union nations have a form of mutual protection through NATO and most of the Member States have already agreed to integrate their defence forces. The European Union is also preparing for new security measures as border guards, rescue specialists and asylum officers in order to handle the migration pressure. We are stronger together.
  • Freedom of movement (travel, study, work)
    Citizens of all member states are free to move from one member country to another. We can travel, study, work or live in any EU state of our choice. In the Schengen Area, we can do away with using a passport, visa or other travel requirements. This is because the Schengen Area is considered a single country for international travel and commercial purposes and only uses a common visa policy. This provides citizens of Member States plenty of options to travel, find work, study and relocate whenever and wherever they choose.
  • Job creation occurs because of the existence of the European Union
    For example, in the United Kingdom, up to 10% of all employment opportunities are directly linked to the EU and these are in real danger because of BREXIT. Every member country also has employment ties to the European Union. Without the European Union, those jobs and the economics they provide would disappear.
  • Access to health benefits
    EU citizens can apply free of charge for the EU Health Insurance Card that gives them access to emergency healthcare whenever they need it, while visiting any Member States. What is even better is that whatever rules that applies to locals will also apply to the visiting citizen, effectively providing peace of mind.
  • Lower prices of goods and services
    Usually, goods transported or sold between states and countries are charged with custom tax, but because the EU has an integrated economy, no such charges apply. Phone charges have also been regulated, allowing citizens of Member States to enjoy lower charges when traveling abroad. Along with the growing number of low-cost carriers is cheaper air travel across the EU. Enabling people to travel at lower prices is one of the most noticeable advantages of the single market.
  • Development of underdeveloped member regions
    Some states of the EU are economically deprived. In a bid to narrow the disparities between developed and underdeveloped regions in Member States, the EU has developed structural funds that come in two types. One is the European Regional Development Fund designed to create infrastructure and support investment in job production, and the European Social Fund that invests in training measures to help unemployed and disadvantaged members of the population to enjoy a working life.
  • Culture Is Not Lost
    The EU has never had an “official language” and doesn’t interfere with the cultural aspects of any country. This helps to ensure that, while you are part of the union, you are also your own country.
  • Each nation in the EU maintains individual sovereignty
    Although the member states of the European Union have unique political considerations that must be considered, each nation maintains its individual sovereignty. There is no formal requirement that keeps member states within the EU should they desire to leave. The recent Brexit process has proven that national sovereignty is still a top priority for every government that is involved in this cooperative structure.

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