Stop corruption with EU funds

Who We Are?

The European Citizens' Initiative is initiated by seven private individuals residing in seven different member states of the EU. Its aim is that the European Commission should propose legislation to STOP FRAUD and ABUSE with EU FUNDS by enablingbetter control of the spending of EU money especially in countries which did not join the European Public Prosecutor's Office.


Members of the Stop Fraud with EU Funds initiative:

  • Zoltán Keresztény
    Zoltán Keresztény, representative

    I, as a Hungarian and EU citizen believe in a strong EU of proud, wealthy nations. While the illiberal nationalists have been refusing cooperation and referring to fake national interests, I am convinced that, to strengthen the European values, cooperation and identity have decisive significance amidst several global challenges. That is why I proposed a referendum to introduce the common currency, the euro, in Hungary last year. Today, the most effective tool to prevent illiberal and anti-democratic, anti-Europe politicians from illegally expropriating EU funds and from feeding their oligarchs is strict control of the use of EU taxpayer funds. VOTE to control more efficiently the use of your tax payments!

  • Balázs Fehér
    Balázs Fehér, deputy-rep.

    I believe that the only purpose of politics is to protect working „institutions”: some of these are market economy, state of law and families. By now, corrupt regimes are endangering the plans of a stronger, safer Europe and it’s time to stop them. Strengthtening EU-institutions and the peaceful cooperation of the European nations is one of our biggest tasks for the 21. century.

    Stop fraud with EU funds!

  • Adam David Kohlert, member
  • Bernard Guille, member
  • László Szabó, member
  • Marcell Dávid Hevesi, member
  • Vladan Lausevic, member

Stop state level corruption and illiberalism in the EU! VOTE!

European Citizens' Initiative to stop fraud and abuse of EU funds

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Representative: Zoltán Keresztény